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Multi purpose: suitable for home, office , security
Suitable for all types for cars & commercial vehicles 12 & 23volts

Over view
Digital Video Recorder for cars, Digital Black Box for car, which shall be very useful to verify and confirm the very exact spot at a certain collision or accident through saving the relevant photograph and cruising record such as driving speed and brake state. Of course, this also shall help driver for correcting wrong driving habit rightly and can be applied to security purpose at small scale shop and private home too.

Compact and slim design
Easy installation for common users
Multi-use and Portability
CE mark for Europe market
Clear vision - Employing Fiber glass to avoid blurring
Power DC 12V- 24V
SD card 4G (max 16G)
Internal Batter

Anytime! Anywhere! Argos will protect you.
Argos A600 records critical video, voice and time stamp
Recording while on driving & on parking
Detach from cradle and recording in vicinity of an accident site

Focus Point
Continuous recording & G-shock recording
Records whole things from engine start and simutaneously G-Shock recording.
Charging and recordig status.
Time Stamp
Indication recording date, time for identification accident.
recording voice with video. Internal MIC.
SD Card
Max. 10 hours as 15frame,
Max.3days as 1frame with 4G SD Card
Compact and slim
A/V Out
Video display while recording
Handy everywhere
Enable two hours recording via internal battery
Multi purpose
Home security Handy camcoder for outdoor activity

Anytime! Anywhere! Argos will protect you.
Argos A 600 is mini DVR for ordinary recording.
You can use as mini CCTV system by demand.
You can use with easy installation at officetel, home, small shop, factory, hte dark corners of current CCTV.

Product name Argos A600
Input voltage 12V DC, 1A
SD Card Max. 16G
Camera CMOS 1.3M/120(wide angle)
Audio MIC.
A/V Out Support
Video MPEG4
Resolution 640 x 480
Rec. speed speed 30frame max.
Rec. method method Ordinary/G sensor (AUTO/Manual)
Rec. time (SD 4G) 15frame(max. 10hour) / 10frame(max. 20hour)
Battery mode 150minute(Internal Battery)
Operation temp -20~+60°C
Dimensions 68(L) x 48(W) x 19(T)mm
Certificate CE, FCC