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Do you have problems with reverse moving and parking? Why not try the Parking Partner!

When it comes to parallel parking, whether a novice or seasoned driver, we all find to be somewhat disconcerting at times. But now with the Parking Partner, your problems are all taken care of. Think of it how would you like not to worry about minor scrapes, fender benders, or dents? As experienced drivers know judging the distance to an obstacle and the car is the most difficult part about reverse parking. Minor accidents easily occur, especially when in a rush to meet with important clients.

How many times have you tried squeezing into a space only to hear the gentle "Thud" of bumpers coming together? And how many times have you rubbed the tires against the curb? Would you like to have greater confidence? Then let the new Parking Partner take all the worry out of it for you.

The benefits
Clear unambiguous warning to the driver
Fit and forget sensor system
Cost reduction design
Waterproof System (ECU, Sensor, & Display)
Easier to fit (shorten wiring)
1 year warranty

Characteristics of SPH81 Starts working when driver puts car in reverse
Display the distance to object in LED Color
When car approaches object, alarm warms driver
Self Diagnosis function
Sensing distance of obstacle ranges up to 3.0meters
Transmitting/Receiving sensor built together in one
Function of Side Turn Signal

Technical Outline
System layout

Electronics Characteristics Specifications
Rating voltage 12V~24DC
Operating voltage 10V~32V
Operating Temperature -20°C~70°C
Storage Temperature -30°C~85°C
Power Consumption Max 1.5A
Type Bumper in type 3 sensor Unit
Detection Ultrasonic transmitter/receiver sensor
Display Moving LED display
Design Meet EMC standard requirement
Option Cable length, Array LED

Operating Performance