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Back Parking Aid System
BPAS is an abbreviation of back parking aid system. When a car is moving in reverse, the ultrasonic sensor sends an information to ECU (Electronic Control Unit) detecting object of behind the vehicle. Then ECU calculates the distance from vehicle to object, and warns driver with a specific warning sound, if car approaches too close to an object. If the distance to the object is in any warning zone, BPAS warns driver with specific warning sound & LED color.

Currently first BPAS starts on the Export Europe market sales, and after this it is planning to domestic, to export USA, Asia, etc.

1.Display (CDU); digital display on truck cab dashboard
2.Electronic control unit (ECU)

High performance similar to the OEM product(strength EMI/EMC/Environment noise) 3-stage warning sound & LED color with the distance to object Self diagnosis(check for mud, Sensor error, open/short) Easy to install A small size / a simple sensor module design Sensing range 3.0m to 0.6m

Product Name Type Installation vehicle Number of fitting sensors
FV 102 Wired type Passenger cars and light vans 2 sensors
SP 802/3 Wireless type Coach and large vehicles 2 sensors
SP 803 Front, side, rear surrounded system Coach and large vehicles 2 sensors
SPH 81 LED Rear protector Trailer, Container 2 sensors

The benefits
Clear unambiguous warning to the driver
Rugged but stylish in-cab display unit
Fit and forget sensor system
Cost reduction design
Waterproof System (ECU & Sensor)
Easier to fit (Wireless)
1 year warranty

Characteristics of SP802
Starts working when driver puts car in reverse
Display the distance to object in LED Color(or meter)
When car approaches object, alarm warms driver
The closer to object the higher frequency of
warning signals (sounds)
Sensing distance of obstacle ranges up to 3 meters
Self Diagnosis function
Transmitting/Receiving sensor built together in one

Technical Outline
System layout

Electronics Characteristics Specifications
Rating voltage 12V~24DC
Operating voltage 10V~32V
Operating Temperature -20°C~70°C
Storage Temperature -30°C~85°C
Power Consumption Max 0.5A
Radio Frequency 433.92Mhz
Transmitter Power 0.2mW
Type Bumper in type 2 or 3 sensor Unit
Detection Ultrasonic sensor (Tx/Rx Dual use)
Display LED display with alarm
Design System to EMC Standard
Option Display LED or Digit
Water proof ECU and Sensor Unit (IP67)